Garden Edging

One of the things that have boosted the values of homes is well-done garden edging. This is one of the areas that most homeowners capitalise on when they want to sell their properties. And guess what? It has worked excellently for most sellers and appreciated the value of their home.

Garden edging is a major practice that every gardener and the homeowner must get involved always to keep their home in good condition. Besides boosting the value of your house, a good garden edging will ensure that you give your compound an aesthetic beauty that is long-lasting.

Although this is a good practice, many homeowners choose to hire professionals to do the job for them. You cannot blame them because the job is not easy. However, you can still do it yourself.

If you choose to do the garden edging yourself, then there are mistakes you have to avoid if you want your home to look superb. Let’s look at these mistakes briefly so that you can avoid them.

Common Garden Edging Mistakes

Irregular and misaligned edges

Well, we understand that garden edging is not easy, and everyone is trying to make their homes beautiful and protect their lawns. But one dumb mistake you should avoid is making misaligned and irregular edges. There are some situations you can decide to use irregular edges but match them properly. That will give a superb outline. Before you start your edging, have an idea of what you want in your garden.

Using old and broken pieces of wood

We are on a digital edge and whether you are making your edging for your own house or a house you are planning to sell, avoid using those unpainted old and broken woods. They can be very ugly. But if that is the only option you have, then align the wood properly and paint them, they will give you a great garden edging that will make your home more attractive.

Allowing grass to overshadow your stones

The essence of garden edging is to create a distinction between the garden or lawn and the flower bed. Sometimes homeowners are busy taking care of the edges. This is where you find the stones that were separating the lawn and the flowerbed are no longer visible. It is always advisable to trim the grass and keep it short. With that, you will have your edges clear.

Using very tiny edging material

This mostly refers to the stones which are commonly used by most homeowners. If you want to use pebbles and smooth tiny rocks, then ensure you make a trench first and fill it with the stones. Don’t just lay down those small stones, they will not make any difference, and eventually, the grass will overwhelm them. If you don’t want to have these tiny stones in a trench, then use big stones at once and paint them beautifully.

Mismatching colours

Did you know that many homeowners prefer painting their garden edges alternatively? Well, it is not a bad thing as long as the colour matches the theme colour of your home. Every home has its theme colour, which should determine the colour of your garden edging. It is always a cute thing to have garden edges having similar paint like the one at your house. That creates a kind of moderation, coordination, and speaks much about you as the homeowner.