Qualities of an Excellent Air Conditioning Repairs Technician

When your AC has stopped working correctly, and you are confident that dusting it will not solve the problem, your best bet is to call an air conditioning repairs technician. You will not seek help from just another technician but a professional AC technician to help fix the problem. Air conditioners will show easy to know signs of malfunctioning when there is a problem, and the AC doesn’t cool the room as it should, you will need to call for an experienced technician to do the job. There are a few repairs you can handle but for the major ones, let the professional technician handle it. But how do you tell an AC professional apart from a quack? There are a few pointers that will tell you in the first instance whether the person in front of you is a professional AC technician or not. These are qualities you can quickly identify;

Relevant working experience

The first thing to look out for in a professional is the level of experience. Air conditioning repair is not an exception. You want to make sure that whoever is handling your AC unit has done similar repairs before and with the proof of service. And if you are dealing with an agency or a company, mention the type of repairs required and be sure they send specialists in those areas.


A technician who’s done a perfect job before receives plenty of referrals. People will recommend such technicians to their friends facing the same issues in their AC units. So before calling for a technician to fix your AC unit, seek recommendations from friends and family. Suppose need be, contact friends who have dealt with the technician in question to be sure that a credible and competent technician handles your AC unit. If you have doubts about the past work of an AC technician, you better cancel the deal and look for a better professional.

License and insurance

The technician should present to you the license and the insurance cover before beginning to work on your AC unit. Most states require technicians to have a license and an insurance cover before operating. These are the vital documents to demand from a technician before awarding them a contract to work on your AC unit. It is an assurance that the training the technician underwent is real, and he or she can handle repairs.


The ability of a technician to handle a variety of AC brands is worthwhile. An experienced AC technician will have the capacity to handle all top brands of ACs. Unless they are specialized in specific systems only, they should be equipped with the knowledge to handle any AC brand.

Their rates should be reasonable.

A qualified technician is the one who does not focus most on the cost of repair. Their end goal is to see the system up and running. If the technician charges per hour, it should be at a reasonable cost that customers are comfortable paying. And if the fixed price is used, it should be average compared to other services in the same niche.

Friendly and customer-focused

Some technicians may have poor customer relationships or poor communication skills; top-rated AC technicians have unmatched customer services and communication skills. To win the heart of a client, you should be soft-spoken and thorough in communication.