How to prevent blocked drains in the Gold Coast

Having a blocked drain in your home compound can be very stressful and, at the same time, unhygienic.  This makes your life in the home you love inconvenient and uncomfortable. At times we are the people that make our drains to block, and hence we deserve the consequences.  The consequences can be extreme, and this is why you need to learn how to prevent your pipes from blocking.  Some of the causes of blocked drains may be obvious, but some people may not know that they are endangering their drains with these things that may be obvious to you.  The following are the obvious ways of preventing your drains from blocking.

Never flush nappies

One of the reasons why your drain is blocked is because you have been flushing nappies down the toilet. Your nappies may seem to be flexible, but the material that they are made in expands when it is soaked with water. For this reason, they make your drains to block rather than degrading in the water once you flush them down your toilet. To make sure that your drains are not blocked, get used to disposing of your nappies rather than flushing them down your toilet.

Use a trap to catch hair

Some people love combing their hair while they are in the bathroom. When hair falls,  it flows with the water in your shower or the sink. This makes the pipes block. Others are used to shaving their hair in the bathroom and then bathing in the same bathroom without sweeping the hair on the floor. This can be very dangerous because hair takes a very short time to block your drains. This is why you will need to use traps in your bathroom to catch the hair before it is washed out by water.

Dispose of your condoms rather than flushing them

When plumbers are unblocking drains in the Gold Coast, they come across used condoms in the pipes. The condoms can be tiny, and hence flushing them can be very easy, but they are very dangerous. Instead of flushing the condoms down your toilet, wrap them properly and then dispose of them in the bin.

Put all the feminine products in the bin

Most of the houses have women either as mothers or daughters. They have some products like sanitary towels, wipes, and cotton buds that they use. These products are called feminine products. Men can also use some of them in a way or another. However, once you have used these feminine products, you should dispose of them in a bin. To make things easier, always make sure that you have a bin in your toilet so that you can dispose of them right away.

Dispose of your food waste in the bin

The other major causes of blocked drains in the Gold Coast is food waste. When people are washing their utensils, they dispose of their food waste in the sink, and they are using it to wash their utensils. They think that the water that is running down the tap will wash away all the food remains they have poured.  The more you dispose of food in your sink, the more it builds up in the pipes making your sink to block. As a result, water will not flow as expected. This makes your sink produce an awful smell because it is blocked.

Preventing blocked drains seems very easy, but to many people, it is not. You should ensure that you work very hard and ensure that your drains are clean and water is flowing through them. By doing the things that are discussed above, then you will have an easier time with your drains.